"Our lives completely changed after the arrival of our first baby. And we were doubly blessed with the arrival of our second boy two years later. In our journey as parents of two busy boys, we have come across many products, each promising to make life easier."

When the time came for us to get a highchair, we scoured the market for the right (durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing) chair. That search us took us across the country and pretty much around the world (at least, virtually), but the long search was worth it. What we found eventually became The Enzi Chair. A chair that invites children to the table for play, meals and learning.

I’ve been helping parents and children get the natural art of sitting down to an art (no pun intended) and it’s such a joy that l get to do this work. It’s fulfilling for me as a mom to promote a product that is not only practical, functional and stylish, but also that helps families cultivate the habit of sitting with the correct posture from an early age while also creating shared closeness around the table.

Since we started all those years ago, the Enzi Chair has undergone several improvements and here’s all the ways we believe it’s now the best highchair on the market:

About Us - Enzi Chair

Why the Enzi Chair?

  • It’s the only locally manufactured product of its kind in South Africa.
  • Having the chair manufactured locally has meant we’ve been able to customise it exactly for our market here in South Africa.
  • We have been involved in the manufacturing process to make sure you get a product that is engineered to perfection, using quality materials and workmanship that looks good in your home while being resilient to all the knocks of family life.


  • Aligns and fits the wood frame with 100% precision (like a hand in a glove).
  • Has been modified to ensure enough space between backrest and tray, accommodating babies of all sizes.
  • Has a swing functionality – clicks in place when in use and can be swung back when not in use, space saver.
  • Allows for feeding even when away from the family table.
Enzi Chair - THE TRAY


  • Supports the tray.
  • It is an added safety feature over and above the 5-point harness.
Enzi Chair - GUARD RAIL


  • Contoured backrest for optimal back support.
Enzi Chair - BACK REST


  1. Height and depth-adjustable seat:
    • Depth adjustability for the seat ensures a child’s back can reach the backrest and at the same time prevents slouching when correctly set up.
  2. Height-adjustable footrest:
    • Prevents dangling feet; feet need to be anchored for children sit comfortably with the correct posture.
    • The footrest is to children what the floor is to adults.


  • Ensures your baby is at the same height as everyone else around the family table.
  • It’s the tallest highchair on the market, this means it supports the pre-teen’s back so there is no over-arching as is the case with shorter chairs.
  • Works with all standard height dining tables and study desks.


  • Made from a strong solid wood – beechwood, it is durable and made to last.
  • It will also not tear, buckle or warp.
  • Classic, modern design that won’t date. The sleek wooden design fits into most home decors, whether your style is modern contemporary or shabby chic.
  • The straight lines of the design make for easier cleaning and you won’t be digging food out of nooks and crannies.


  • Variety of water-based stains (non-toxic) to choose from at no extra cost
  • For the artists out there; you can order your chair raw & varnish it in a colour of your choice
Enzi Chair - Colour Me Good

***New*** ‘No Mess’ Wipeable Cushion

  • The 5 point safety harness is now integrated with our new ‘no mess’ Enzi wipeable cushions; no more washing after every finger licking yummy meal, wash after a couple of wipe downs.


  • Value for money pricing; choose your preferred stain at no extra cost.
  • An all-inclusive pricing (all age appropriate accessories) are included.
  • Product comes with a 5 year guarantee
  • Courier fees is on us.
It's just one chair. The Enzi Chair is height, depth and seat adjustable ensuring that you will use it until the child is in their pre-teen years.

Liz Gakuo

- The Enzi Chair -

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  • Hi Liz, Thanks for the prompt delivery of the chairs. They are being thoroughly enjoyed by the kids. We have ordered another Schooler Chair for our 8 year old. We are looking forward to this additional chair delivery. Cheers.
  • Hi Liz, We've received the chair, thanks. Cailin loves it!
  • Dear Liz,
    It was a pleasure doing business with you. Hayley & Tyron, the 3 year olds, love their chairs and so do their parents.
    Jill Mascini
  • Hello Liz,
    I have been wanting to write since we received our chair to say that we love it! We were very impressed with the service we received from you and just wanted to say thank you.
    Bridget Schmidt
  • Hi Liz - we already received the chair yesterday and we love it (more importantly my daughter loves it)! Thank you very much!
  • Thank you. Gomolemo loves the chair already.
  • Thank you so much Liz, my girls love their chairs and I am just thrilled with them!
  • Dear Liz,
    Just thought id drop a line to tell you how my baby just Loves her chair! It fits beautifully into our deco...and is very practical indeed....thanks again!
    Best wishes,
  • Thank you so much for the chair. I used it as soon as I got home and Michael just loved it! He was so excited!
    Take care,
  • The high chair is great, we are very happy with the chair. Nicholas is too.