Using a High Chair

The following tips and directions will give you guidance in shopping for your new highchair. The Enzi Chair highchair meets with stringent quality control measures and is aesthetically appealing to parents and children. Look out for:


Children can be injured so easily if they are not fastened in correctly. It’s tempting to rely on the tray and just a single strap when you’re in hurry, but a baby can slip down and an injury can ensue in seconds.

Choose a highchair with a crotch strap which fits between a child’s legs and prevents slipping.

Five point harnesses are always the safest option - there’s no scope for upward or downward movement when your little cherub is trying to escape!

Check your highchair regularly for any lose fittings or sharp edges, even the toughest material can suffer under the persistent hammering of a toddler.


A highchair with a wide base will be more stable and offer fewer opportunities for your child to topple the chair by pushing against a surface or ‘jumping’ the chair; kitchen floors are often tiled and could cause unnecessary accidents.

If lack of space prevents a wide base, try to position the high chair where it cannot fall and if there are steps in your kitchen, it goes without saying really - keep all highchairs away from them.


Babies’ arms seem to grow and multiply as soon as you think they’re safe from trouble! Keep any sharp objects away from nearby tables and worktops. Tablecloths and placemats can be hazardous allowing baby to drag a hot drink or food nearer to them while your back is turned.

It follows, of course that a baby should never be left unattended in a highchair. Many minor injuries occur when fingers get trapped during tray fitting or when fastening safety straps - they might be classed as minor, but baby won’t think so at the time, so try not to rush - and be gentle!


Babies love to throw as much food to the floor as they actually eat, creating slippery surfaces, which will be dangerous for your toddler when he gets down, or for you and any other children.

Always clean up straight after feeding time or invest in a splash mat, which you can quickly scoop up out of the way. Food tends to gather in all sorts of nooks and crannies in highchairs, (often causing you to wonder how it got there), so give the highchair a good clean after every meal.

Last but not least:

Think about yourself… take care of your back when lifting your child out of the chair, or even when picking up those constantly dropped toys.

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  • Hi Liz, Thanks for the prompt delivery of the chairs. They are being thoroughly enjoyed by the kids. We have ordered another Schooler Chair for our 8 year old. We are looking forward to this additional chair delivery. Cheers.
  • Hi Liz, We've received the chair, thanks. Cailin loves it!
  • Dear Liz,
    It was a pleasure doing business with you. Hayley & Tyron, the 3 year olds, love their chairs and so do their parents.
    Jill Mascini
  • Hello Liz,
    I have been wanting to write since we received our chair to say that we love it! We were very impressed with the service we received from you and just wanted to say thank you.
    Bridget Schmidt
  • Hi Liz - we already received the chair yesterday and we love it (more importantly my daughter loves it)! Thank you very much!
  • Thank you. Gomolemo loves the chair already.
  • Thank you so much Liz, my girls love their chairs and I am just thrilled with them!
  • Dear Liz,
    Just thought id drop a line to tell you how my baby just Loves her chair! It fits beautifully into our deco...and is very practical indeed....thanks again!
    Best wishes,
  • Thank you so much for the chair. I used it as soon as I got home and Michael just loved it! He was so excited!
    Take care,
  • The high chair is great, we are very happy with the chair. Nicholas is too.